Stories for a Future Generation

“Stories for a Future Generation” is a series of work about migration and its intersections with queerness and family, and the inter-generational impacts of those experiences upon our lives and on those of future generations. The chapters switch genres (fictionalized storytelling, documented interviews, online video, audio installation, and curatorial) and formats (super8, audio and various formats of video). “Stories for a Future Generation” was partially funded by the British Columbia Arts Council. Watch Trailer.


Finding a Place to Sleep is based on stories my grandmother told me. I re-imagine, while working as a cleaner, the experiences of my ancestors living during the Holodomor (forced famine) in Ukraine during the Soviet era. The “film” image is re-invented through digital video to enact a sense of ambiguity between authenticity and fiction, as can also be present in the act of oral storytelling.

Learning to Milk a Cow continues chronologically with my grandmother’s story of forced labour in Germany during WWII. Watch Trailer.

East Van Queer Italians is an interactive online video produced as part of Performigrations. It was presented at the Italian Cultural Center in Vancouver in August and September 2015. The whole work is available online at the link above.

The Laugh of Privilege was an audio installation / soundwalk, exploring how the sounds of laughter can assert privilege in public spaces. It is also available online.

Also part of this series, is a curatorial project entitled (Un)Spoken Intersections which I have been developing for several years, culling together work when I find it and seeking it out in video archives and online. I welcome new contributions.

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