Christina Battle – media artist
Gamma Bak – experimental personal documentaries
Wayne Yung – Asian-Canadian videomaker
Red Frame Media – Thirza Cuthand’s films & editing company
Clint Tourangeau – trickster filmmaker
Roberto Ariganello – my mentor in experimental filmmaking


FilmArche – self-organized film school (Berlin)
entzaubert – queer DIY uncommercial film festival (Berlin) – nonprofit critical filmmaking center (London, UK)
Echo Park Film Center – nonprofit filmmaking center supporting inner-city youth (LA)


Olivia Saragosa – my amazing and talented opera singer sister
Björn Kuhn – her stage performer and singer husband

Literary Artists / Translators:

Mertz Lingo – English & Danish academic & cultural translation
Margret Steenblock – spoken word, audio and performance
Katinka Kraft – spoken word, workshop instruction
Amber Dawn – novels, poems, performance
No Man’s Land – English & German literary translation
Radical Cut in the Texture of Reality – blog by performer & novelist & Jacob Wren
Michael V. Smith – novels, poems, performance
Fit of Pique – blog by filmmaker Thirza Cuthand

Yoga / Wellness:

English Yoga Berlin – where I teach yoga!
Pasquale Virginie Rotter – Grinberg practitioner & moderator & inspirator
OSHO Meditation Studio Berlin

Creative Business services:

Twig Design – website design
Inbox Communications
 – thinktank for creative companies
Shaleah Dawnyel – consulting & internet marketing

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