East Van Queer Italians

Queer Italians in East Van

Queer Italians in East Van

2015, 40 minute interactive video

This interactive Korsakow-video brings together footage from Vancouver’s east end of 3 Italian-Canadian queers talking about their Catholic upbringings (eg; expectations to marry), a personal essay about the characteristics (both physical and DIY-approach to life) I inherited from my immigrant father, and an interview with my Nonna about her experiences coming to Canada from Italy after WWII. Different perspectives on the multi-generational effects of uprooting are presented through a multi-genre collage of video, old photos and voice-over.

It is a part of my series of personal stories about migration, Stories for a Future Generation. And was produced by support of the Performigrations international collaboration project to represent the city, Vancouver, on Coast Salish territory.

There will be a short presentation of the interactive video after the screening I curated at VIVO Media Arts on August 22nd. The full video will be displayed at the Performigrations Exhibition at the Italian Cultural Center from August 25 – September 15th. It can also be viewed online here.

To interact with the video:
1. Click the top-left icon to make the video full-screen.
2. Press spacebar to pause, or scroll with the mouse along the timeline player to skip ahead or back.
3. Pass the mouse over the links to animate them, then select the next clip with a mouse click.
4. When you have played all the clips once (approximately 40 minutes), the program will ask if you want to restart from the beginning.
5. You can close the window anytime and continue from where you left off, or start again.

Upcoming Exhibitions:
VIVO Media Arts – presentation with curated screening, Aug. 22, 2015
The Italian Cultural Center, Vancouver/Coast Salish – Aug. 25-Sept. 15, 2015

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