“I play with a pastiche of forms – making, materials, styles – sprinkling in auto-biographical moments. Veiled by fiction and obscured by experimentation, magical spells cause dispellation through an intense ritualized process. D.I.Y. dreamworlds parody and poke fun at ‘high art’, lighten the mood, burn for hope and change.”

Film is my passion because it combines many different art forms into one – photography, sound, performance, writing and montage. Like feminist artists before me, I use the tools at hand, evoking a DIY aesthetic and approach, with an emphasis on the hand-made, collaging together a variety of materials. My art practice reflects the pastiche of my identity – queer radical feminist, mixed-ethnic spiritualist, DIY artist, professional sound designer, community organizer and educator. I rely on intuition and play, designing rituals to structure my art practice, incorporating it holistically in all aspects of my life. My aspirations are towards the character of Trickster, who plays on the edges of boundaries – between the physical world and the spiritual – to incite social change. C.W. Spinks defines trickster as “uproarious, childlike, chaotic, low-brow and in bad taste…. Trickster plays a head game, and his intent is to ‘fuck over’, as the street people say, the heads of his audience.” (C.W. Spinks, p189) The character of trickster has seen many incarnations in many different cultures – also known as coyote, jester, fool, clown, etc. Trickster uses tricks and games to state the obvious and poke fun at the dominant culture by playing the Other. Trickster is also a shape-shifter constantly reinventing what it does and is. “Driven by insatiable curiosity, he facilitates change, diversity, and novelty… He is a provacateur, a troublemaker.” (Nina Czegledy, p110). Always shifting and slipping out from under definition, my aspirations towards this character of Trickster is what I feel is the driving force behind what I create and do, and who I am – a constant becoming. js

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