The Outsiders


Ponyboy & Johnny

The Outsiders, 2005

Sodapop & the greasers

2005, 6mins, super8

A super-short super8 remake of the Coppola classic. An obsession of mine, and a lot of other girls, this movie touched my sense of belonging at a time when I felt I had none – teenagehood. Years later, when tomboy-ish has matured into gender-bending queerness, 21 grown ‘girls’ play at ‘boyhood’.
This film embodies both a music video style of fast cuts and silent film intertitles – a post-post-modern experiment of complicity and resistance.

NowMomentNow Screening (Berlin) Aug. 2013
Solo screening (Raumerweiterungshalle, Berlin) April 2010
Tranny Fest (San Francisco) Nov. 2008
Warsaw Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, June 2008
Reeling International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (Chicago) Nov. 2006
Out on Screen International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (Vancouver) Aug. 2006
Outfest International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (Los Angeles) July 2006
Cinema Gaylesbico (Milan) June 2006
London International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival (UK) April 2006
Splice This! (Toronto) July 2005

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