They Dance Alone

They Dance Alone, 2005


2005, 5mins, 16mm

A look back on half my life ago, who I wanted to be. Love and longing – lost friendship, belonging, the fear of touch, a magical embrace, a spell to dispel. Hands become a moment of realization – an intense feeling like no other – you realize you love her, but can never have her.
A DIY exploration of turning the camera on oneself without the ability to see what’s being shot. The underwater camera was difficult to control once in the water, and the camera used for the other footage had a broken viewfinder – I was unable to see the scene – it was all guess-work and intuition. Singing songs that I remembered from years ago (badly), trying to recapture the moments and feelings. An experiment in trusting instincts and embracing insecurities.

Solo Screening (Raumerweiterungshalle, Berlin) April 2010
Battle of the Cities (Chicago) April 2007
Vancouver Film Experiments (Toronto) Jan. 2007
Inside Out Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (Toronto) May 2006
Pleasuredome Sweet 16:Coming of Age (Toronto) Dec. 2005

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