Marilyn and Media


signatures on the body


reversing the gaze

Multi-disciplinary performance w/ audio & TV monitor:
April 2001, University of Toronto

A reversal of the effect of stardom. Audience members enter the room, 10 at a time, they are bombarded with flashing lights reminiscent of camera-flash bulbs going off, then put on the spot with a video camera shoved in their face and asked for their signature on my Marilyn-impersonated body.


Marilyn and Media, 2002

video still

2001, 6mins, video

Marilyn Monroe, roboticized by copy-protection, is captured and trapped forever by the media and the medium of celluloid.

Milan International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival (Milan, Italy) June 2004
Female Eye Film and Video Festival (Toronto) Nov. 2003

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