suburban is a state of mind

suburban is a state of mind, 2003

streaked lights cityscape

2001, 5:20, super8 on video

Nostalgia appropriated from Hollywood soundtracks addresses the problem of artistic innovation in a post-modern age by using videotaped images captured from a broken super8 projector.

Transmission Arts Festival (Karlsruhe) April 2016
Valie Plus – Pocket Archive #3, Ausland (Berlin) Jan. 2011
Brisk Collages and Bricolages: Artistic Audits of Mainstream Media in Recent Canadian Shorts, MSVU Gallery/AFCOOP/NSCAD (Halifax, NS) Dec. 2005
Canzine (Toronto) Oct. 2003
Haze Video Night (Sis Boom Bah, Toronto) Nov. 2002
Junction Arts Festival (Toronto) Sept. 2002
REHAB Parkdale Film Fest (Toronto) June 2002
Haze Video Night (Sis Boom Bah, Toronto) March 2002

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