Amoré, 2004

unsplit dual 8mm optically printed to 16mm

2004, 1min, 16mm film loop

A hand-processed unsplit regular-8mm film reveals identity anxiety and the importance of reflection in learning to love oneself.

This is an installation of a 16mm film projector with mounted loop box, it can be set up in any darkened space, ie; a closet with a peephole cut into it.

Trying to love oneself through gender play, reversing action through split frame exposure, a frame line hides the kiss. This one-take film was shot on double-eight film, the film camera turned upside down as the second part was performed backwards. Then hand-processed and left unsplit. An attempt to make film as present as performance with unedited film, hand-processed to add an intimate sensibility.
This film can also be shown as a film loop with a custom-made plexiglass loopbox.

Toronto Underground Film Festival (Toronto Subway) Oct. 2011 *Jury Prize for Experimental film
Solo screening (Raumerweiterungshalle, Berlin) April 2010
The Language of Colour, Films at the Factory (The Factory, Hamilton, ON) April 2008
Inside Out Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (Toronto) May 2005
One-minute International Film festival (Toronto) Nov. 2005 *award for Best Canadian film
PDX Film and Video Festival (Portland) April 2005
Williamsburg Bridging (Galapagos Art Center, Brooklyn) Feb. 2005
LIFT Island Screening, One Take R8 Film Festival (Toronto) July 2004

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